What is the Memphis Aerotropolis?

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee and the seat of Shelby County. It is located in the southwest corner of the state, bordered by Arkansas and Mississippi, and overlooks the Mississippi River. The city is known as “America’s Distribution Center,” serving business interests throughout the northeast, southeast and southwest regions of the United States. The population is nearly 650,000.

Although Memphis is known around the world for its amenities, global enterprises, cultural assets and contributions to medicine and music, the Memphis International Airport is no doubt the city’s crème de la crème in air travel and serves more than 10 million passengers a year. The Airport, a world-class facility, is now considered to be an “Aerotropolis,” the only one of its kind in North America.

Public participation is essential to the success of the Memphis Aerotropolis planning process, allowing the Project Team to draw upon local knowledge, clarify issues, and understand community aspirations. Initial outreach efforts consisted of focus group meetings and interviews with community advocates and leaders, as well as “listening tours.” We want to know your ideas and recommendations.

Cabin Fever
FedEx and UPS have turned Memphis and Louisville into “aerotropolises”

NOV 02, 2013

After most Memphians have gone to bed and before they switch on their coffee-makers, around 150 jets land at Memphis International Airport and take off again. They have no passengers—just stuff. A Boeing 777 jet may feel cramped to those sardined in coach class, but with all the seats and compartments stripped out it is immense—able to carry 225,000 pounds (102 tonnes) of cargo non-stop from Tennessee to Shanghai.

MATA Again Tries
Express Route with Whitehaven Flyers

OCT 25, 2013

Downtown to Whitehaven on a city bus in a half hour is quite an achievement in a city with limited experience with modern bus express service. A month into the service, there is a learning curve with regular riders that reach transfer points and have other bus routes that travel parts of the Flyer’s straight shot into and out of Whitehaven.

UPS Planning Expansion
at Memphis International Airport

SEPT 19, 2013

United Parcel Service Inc. is planning an expansion at Memphis International Airport. The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority approved a lease modification which would allow the company to attain 1.1 million square feet of land at the airport so that it could grow its Oakhaven sort and outbound facility.


Highlights from the Memphis Aerotropolis Listening Tours:

Focus Group Meetings

Whitehaven High School

Airways Professional Center

Memphis Christian Center